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Laser Welding: Novelty Items

Tips for Laser Welding a Base Metal Letter Opener

Prep all of the parts so that the parts fit together flush. In this case, the large handle part needed the Modified X Joint preparation technique to reduce the gauge.

Tack weld the parts together, and be sure the parts are aligned properly before laser welding. Next, laser weld the parts together by using a proper Keyhole Weld and the overlapping weld technique.

Add laser welding wire for strength. Since we used the Modified X Joint on the handle, we must then fill in the deep voids with filler wire. In this case, the base metal is a white “pot” metal with a melting point of about 300° F. Low-temp solder is used as a filler.

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laser welding repair, laser welding with filler wire

Once the filler wire has been laid in, the Hammering and Smoothing technique can now be used with the laser welder.

Once the smoothing is complete, little or no clean up is required for this type of base metal. Touch-up the plating on the weld zones with a standard Pen – Plater.

Shown below is the finished repair:

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laser welding base metals, laser welding machine, laser welding repair

“We got our LaserStar Laser Welding Workstation in August, and we love it. I don’t know how we got along without it before. It amazes us every day. Some of the basic jobs we use it for are welding sets together, chain repair, re-tipping prongs and crowns, and the repair of costume jewelry. It was a big investment but what a time saver. If you do a lot of design and repair work, I highly recommend the Crafford-LaserStar Workstation.”

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