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Lasers in the Electronics Industry

Laser Systems in Electronics Manufacturing 

The expanding use of electronics and the minimization of components, power requirements, and portability have created many challenges for electronic manufacturers. Cell phones, microprocessors, display panels, and memory chips are just a few of the components that comprise a large number of different materials, multiple layers of extremely low thicknesses, and very small features. These electronic components require advanced and high-precision manufacturing processes, as well as the capability to be produced economically and in large quantities. Laser systems in the electronics industry are used every day in electronics manufacturing.

LaserStar offers innovative laser technology and advanced resources to manufacturers of electronic parts and components. With a variety of laser system configurations available, we offer extensive applications in laser welding, laser marking and laser cutting. We have the laser system or solution that you need to reduce cycle times, produce precision parts and achieve increased productivity while lowering your cost per unit.

Our laser systems are specially selected with the appropriate laser source and are versatile, robust, and easy to use. We are continually refining our systems to ensure that we not only meet but exceed our customer requirements. Contact LaserStar today to learn more.

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