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Medical Device Laser Marking

Lasers for Marking Medical Devices

Laser Marking Medical DevicesMedical device manufacturers have a unique set of requirements for high precision markings on their medical devices. They are looking for permanent, legible and accurate markings that are defined by government guidelines for Unique Device Identification (UDI) on all medical devices, implants, tools and instruments. Medical device laser marking helps meet strict product identification and traceability guidelines for direct part marking and has become a common process in medical device manufacturing. Laser marking is a non-contact form of engraving and offers consistent high quality laser marks at high processing speeds while eliminating any potential damage or stress to the parts being marked.

Laser marking is the preferred method for product identification marks on medical devices such as orthopedic implants, medical supplies and other medical instruments because the marks are corrosion resistant and withstand sterilization processes such as, passivation, centrifuging, and autoclaving.

LaserStar Laser Marking Systems are a great tool for product identification, serialization & traceability, bar codes, 2D Matrix codes, compliance regulation markings, batch numbers and custom logos and graphics.

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