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Mold Repair Laser Welding Workstation

7801 Series
LaserStar Open Laser Welding Workstation

Today’s precision welding marketplace specializing in laser spot welding or laser seam welding applications, have a wide range of new technologies available to enhance their ability to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship, and service to their clients. LaserStar’s 7801 Series manual welding systems are ideal for a variety of common welding applications including plastic injection mold, dies and tooling repair, complex electronic components, high-precision industrial assemblies, pressure-sensitive hermetic laser sealing, and other unique industrial applications for the automotive, aerospace, aviation, computer, medical device, mold repair, and consumer product industries.

Operators hold parts in their hands while viewing the application through a stereo-microscope in the welding zone. An internal cross-hair allows the operator to easily align and weld the parts at the correct location.

Many materials can be laser welded including 300 and some 400 series stainless steel, mild steels, nickel and nickel alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium, precious metal alloys (gold, silver, and platinum), etc.

LaserStar offers multiple power levels (80 Watt & 150 Watt) to meet a wide variety of application requirements.


  • Technical Specs
  • Performance Features
LaserStar Lasing System Class 4
Wavelength 1064nm
Output Pulse Energy 0,1 - 150 Joules
Maximum Peak Power 11.0 kW
Average Power 80 Watts & 130 Watts
Pulse Length 0,5 - 50 Milli-seconds
Pulse Frequency 0,5 - 20 Hz
Beam Diameter 0,05mm - 2,00mm
Cooling System
80 & 150 Watt

Internal / Chiller Ready

Supply Circuit

80 Watt


150 Watt



230V (± 10%), 50/60 Hz
25 Amp, Single Phase

230V (± 10%), 50/60 Hz
30 Amp,  Single Phase 


Binocular Microscope 15x (optional 25x, 40x)
Illumination System LED Natural Lighting
Pulse Performance Profile Technology (P3) Exclusive Integrated Software
Programming Memory 79 Text Cells
Automatic Sleep Mode Exclusive Integrated Software
Parameter Adjustment Features External Touchscreen/O.I.T.
Preventative Maintenance Alert Software Yes
Motorized Beam Expander  Yes
Shield Gas Supply Dual Nozzles
Dimensions 45”L x 24"W x 48”H
610mm x 1131mm x 1219mm
Weight (Unpackaged) approx. 600 lbs / 272 Kg
Warranty Coverage (Parts & Labor) As Quoted
Extended Warranty Coverage As Quoted
Laser Safety Certification Compliance  FDA(CDRH), UL, CSA, CE, ETL
Country of Origin (Parts & Assembly) Made In USA
NOTE: Fatigue test data can be provided upon request.

(The following advanced features are available on select
7800 Series LaserStar Laser Welding Workstations)

"LaserStar Technologies offers the most useful and versatile laser welders anywhere in their price range. I continue to choose LaserStar because their machines do not require industrial utilities or infrastructure, are durable and low maintenance, and can be utilized to their full range of beam output capabilities without purchasing a list of additional configurations and optics. For manual welding applications, LaserStar machines are the most comfortable and ergonomic, making it much easier to hold intricate assemblies while welding. Automated weld positioning is as painless as it can be since the laser itself can be adapted to a wide range of motion control configurations. Some of the most critical welds that have come through my business, have been and will be made with a LaserStar laser welding system."

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