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Mold Repair Laser Marking

Deep Engraving Mold Cavities

Deep Engraving Mold CavityLaserStar's laser marking and engraving systems are a fast, clean technology that are rapidly replacing older laser technologies and traditional methods of engraving. Fiber laser technology offer various methods for permanent laser marking and engraving and can be used in many applications in the Tool & Die and Mold Making Industries. Most metals, plastics and some ceramics can be lettered, marked or permanently engraved with these systems.

Alphanumeric characters, graphics, logos, bar codes, etc. can easily be applied using laser marking machines and are widely used in industrial markets and tool manufacturing. As laser technology evolves, laser markers have become more precise and useful for an increasing number of applications on a wide range of component parts.

Laser marking and/or engraving is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to mechanical engraving, chemical etching, milling, and many other costly, lower quality processes. In recent years, laser marking technology has proven to be a viable source for mold repair marking & engraving as many traditional engraving methods have failed to meet the continually growing standards for precision, depth, and quality. Alpha-numeric character sets or images are etched on various material surfaces, such as stainless steel, graphite, aluminum, and copper while providing high quality engravings.

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