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Novelty & Giftware Laser Welding

Laser Welding Novelty & Giftware Items

Laser welding machines have become a surprising tool for creating unique gifts, keepsakes, novelty items and art. Creating one-of-a-kind items has helped small businesses and entrepreneurs create new profit centers, they hadn't considered a few years back. 

Why laser welding? There are many benefits of working with laser welding technology including no discoloration of metal and the beauty of invisible seams. Laser welding is also stronger than traditional soldering and gives you the ability to create micro welds that are impossible with traditional soldering and welding methods.

What type of metals can be laser welded? All the traditional metals can be laser welded, including base metals, gold, sterling silver, palladium and platinum, space-age metals and more. Laser welding offers a complete array of design, redesign and repair options as well.

So what types of things are people laser welding? The options are limited only by your creativity and imagination. Not only will laser welding give you the opportunity to create-one-of-a-kind items, but you will also have the opportunity to repair vintage items such as jewelry, knick knacks and items that may be irreplaceable otherwise. Laser welding has the capability of fixing items you thought were unfixable.

Please click here to view laser welding applications of novelty items and gifts created with a laser welding system. The load time may be slow depending on your internet speed.

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