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Laser Welding Firearms

Laser Welding Firearms and Components 

Laser Welding Porosity in FirearmsLaser Welding Systems can be used in the manufacturing and repair of firearms. Many gun parts wear down. Ejectors, latches, and other firearm parts lead to an under performing gun that may seize up or stop working properly. Laser welding the components, barrels, and other mechanisms is ideal for small cracks and corrosion repairs on both old and new firearms. It is a sure and guaranteed method of adding metal to worn areas or welding cracked parts without distortion.

Laser Welding Porosity in Firearms

A firearm with pitting or stippling might not look as attractive as it should but it’s entirely functional, and manufacturers are reluctant to scrap these units. It’s possible to save a pitted gun body by using laser welding to repair the damage. Gunsmiths are increasingly beginning to realize the value of this method and it is becoming the go-to method for firearm repair welding. Given the low investment and easy financing available to purchase laser welding equipment, repair companies are able to significantly increase the quality and quantity of repair work a business brings in.

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