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Novelty Item & Giftware Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Machines for Creating Novelty Items & Giftware

As laser cutting systems become smaller and more affordable, more and more industries are finding unique ways to embrace the technology. Business owners and entrepreneurs are finding ways to use laser cutting systems for a variety of branding and customization purposes that were too expensive in years past.

Novelty and Giftware businesses are emerging every day with new ideas for custom designs and applications. Fiber laser cutting with high power levels, improved maintenance and better functionality is emerging as a top choice for custom gifts and novelty items, particularly applications where superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production is required.



Laser cutting systems can cut a wide variety of materials of varying thickness and are well suited for creating complex shapes. In addition, fiber lasers maximize precision, cut flexibility and throughput and offer a cost-effective high accuracy cutting solution while at the same time providing designers freedom to create challenging shapes unconstrained by traditional cutting methods.

Below are just a few advantages of laser cutting machines compared to traditional cutting methods:

  • Minimal distortion on parts due to a small heat affected zone
  • Intricate part cutting
  • Narrow kerf widths
  • Very high repeatability

Please click here to view laser cutting applications of novelty items and gifts created using a laser cutting system. The load time may be slow depending on your internet speed.

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