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Jewelry Laser Welding

Laser Welding for Jewelry Repair & Design

Jewelry laser welding can be used to fill porosity, re-tip platinum or gold prong settings, repair bezel settings, repair/resize rings and bracelets without removing stones and correct manufacturing defects. Laser welding reconfigures the molecular structure of either similar or dissimilar metals at the point of welding, allowing the two common alloys to become one.

Manufacturing and retail jewelers currently using laser welders are often amazed at the wide range of applications and the ability to produce a higher quality product in less time with fewer materials while eliminating excessive heat effects.

One of the key elements in making laser welding applicable to jewelry manufacturing and repair was the development of the “free-moving” concept. In this approach, the laser generates a stationary infrared light pulse which is targeted through the microscope’s cross-hair. The laser pulse can be controlled in size and intensity. Because the heat generated remains localized, operators can handle or fixture items with their fingers, laser welding small areas with pin-point accuracy without causing any harm to the operator’s fingers or hands. This free-moving concept enables users to eliminate costly fixturing devices and increase the range of jewelry assembly and repair applications.

Laser Welding Into The Future

During the last few years, the price of many jewelry laser welding machines has decreased, making them increasingly affordable to jewelry manufacturers, small design studios, repair shops and retail jewelers while offering additional features and flexibility to the user. Frequently, those who have purchased the jewelry laser welding machine find that the time, labor and material savings realized far outweigh the original purchase price.

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People don't realize that I speak, not as an "official spokesman" or salesman for LaserStar, not as a "paid actor", but as a truly satisfied customer, and everyday user of my iWeld Laser Welding System. I want people to know how to better use their equipment, and I think it’s amazing how many are buying lasers, but are they using them to the fullest potential? I love welding weird stuff with the laser, and the more I work with it, the better I get with it.

I have said before that I don't use the presets, but sit and can set the machine by "feel." My personal best was sitting at the laser after welding silver and having a lady walk in and ask if I could fix her chain. Five seconds later, and one laser pulse, her chain was fixed....$25.00 plus tax...Thank you...she was amazed...it was very thin and three other jewelry stores had told her it couldn't be fixed. One shot, five seconds of time! It doesn't always happen like that, but it happens enough....lol

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