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MJSA Vision Awards - Laser Distinction

Sponsored by LaserStar Technologies Corporation

Award Winner - Laser Distinction Category 

Adam Neeley, Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry
Laguna Beach, California

"Rouge Moderne" Earrings. Inspired by nature and narrative, Adam Neeley uses modern forms to create timeless and imaginative jewelry. Each piece is a wearable sculpture, crafted by hand utilizing advanced goldsmithing techniques.

The intricate design was created using CAD and grown in 54 separate parts. Laser welding allowed the prefinished parts to be connected without disturbing the satin finish and precisely fit the many small pieces together perfectly. The use of laser welding was crucial to the execution of this design. Visit www.adamneeley.com.

MJSA Vision Award - Laser Welding Distinction Category Winning Pieces

The laser welder has become one of a jewelry designer’s most valuable tools, enabling metals to be joined in ways previously unimaginable. The winning pieces in the Laser Welding Distinction Award category show the exquisite intricacy and detail made possible by the laser welder, and serve as a testament to the beauty made possible through the marriage of technology and tradition.

To be considered for the MJSA Vision Awards - Laser Welding Distinction Award: A detailed explanation of how the laser for welding or engraving was used in the creation of the piece, and how its use was critical to the design’s execution must be presented. 

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Inspired to create more projects in red gold by a 2007 MJSA Journal article on the alloy, husband-and-wife team Jacob and Julie Buckareff of JJBuckar in Toronto, CA built an 18K red and 19K white gold Bird's Nest locket brooch, which earned them second place in the 2011 MJSA Vision Awards categories of Professional Design Excellence, Gold Distinction and Laser Distinction. JJBuckar has been a LaserStar owner for several years and has created some outstanding jewelry designs.

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