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Laser Welding Features & Benefits

Laser Welding System Features and Benefits

Enhanced Beam TechnologyEnhanced Beam Technology

All manual laser welding devices are designed to the highest standards of laser resonator quality; produce a stable, clean, high quality beam profile; accomplish consistent pulse-to-pulse stability; and optimize the laser beam shape. An excellent welding zone range is present on all manual laser welding devices.

Overlapping Weld

First Pulse Suppression (FPS) Technology

FPS technology minimizes the impact of thermal lensing and greatly reduces the effects on the beam axis, producing an improved beam shape that can result in excellent pulse-to-pulse stability and overall weld quality.

Speed Welding

Allows the operator to select the optimal pulse rate (voltage, milliseconds, and hertz) for the application while optimizing the laser system energy values to provide maximum average power output.

Burst Mode

Allows the operator to select a predefined number of laser pulses for each foot pedal activated discharge cycle.

Engery Saver / Sleep ModeEnergy Saver / Sleep Mode

Optimizing the best electronic practices for saving energy, Sleep Mode promptly powers down your laser device during periods of non use. With the press of a button, your laser system will automatically switch back to full power. This feature not only reduces energy consumption, but will also enhance flashlamp life.

Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Preventative Maintenance Alert

Benefit from active display maintenance alerts to ensure your laser welding system is in peak performance at all times.

EZ-View® Optical Alignment

Benefit from the highest level of optical alignment with our EZ-View® optical bracket / stereo microscope alignment systems.

Whisper Series Internal Cooling Systems

Quiet, efficient cooling systems provide a significant pulse energy advantage while ensuring the highest level of hot-light energy transfer from the resonator source through the welding chamber.

LED Natural LightingLED Natural Lighting

All manual welding systems benefit from the highest quality LED natural lighting technology.


Flexible Platforms

All models are available in a removable welding chamber design configured for the widest range of applications. A complete line of high precision motion devices are engineered to integrate into many of the welding chamber designs to enhance the systems production capabilities.

Options & Accessories

A wide range of beam expanders, apertures, optics, lens, and software settings are available to customize your manual welding system to ensure optimal platform performance.

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