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Lasers for Medical Device Manufacturing

Laser Systems in the Medical Device Industry

Lasers for Medical Device ManufacturingIn recent years, advancements in new applications in medical device manufacturing has enabled the industry to produce smaller and lighter medical devices and implants. These smaller devices have presented new challenges in traditional manufacturing and laser systems in medical device manufacturing technology has gained popularity due to its precise material processing methods. One of the major reasons is that laser welding and cutting technology fulfill the high quality requirements for perfectly clean and hygienic surfaces, free of any material residue. High quality laser markings are also reliable for identification purposes and for following government regulations for Unique Device Identification (UDI) markings.

LaserStar continues to be an industry leader in application processing for medical device manufacturing with cutting-edge laser technology for laser welding, laser marking and laser cutting systems and solutions.

Laser Welding Medical Devices

Medical device components designed for hermetic and/or structural welds can benefit from laser welding technologies based on size and material thickness. Laser welding is suitable for high temperature sterilization and provides non-porous, sterile surfaces without any post-processing. Laser systems are great for welding all types of metals in the medical device industry and are a great tool for spot welds, seam welds and hermetical seals even in complicated areas.

Laser Marking Medical Devices

When it comes to medical device identification and marking, precision is crucial. Some medical devices, implants and surgical instruments continue to become smaller and more efficient, laser marking systems are able to meet very high quality standards, along with strict identification and traceability guidelines provided by the government for product identification.

Laser Cutting Medical Devices

Precision laser cutting is now emerging as the preferred choice in medical device manufacturing for many machining applications such as thin wall metal tube cutting and other applications requiring superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high volume production. Laser cutting systems are an ideal tool for meeting specialized requirements in manufacturing of medical devices and other components used in this industry.

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