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Industrial Laser Systems

Laser Systems in the Machine Tool Industry

Industrial Laser SystemsIndustrial laser systems that are used as welding, engraving or cutting tools have become indispensable for manufacturing in the Machine Tool Industry. There is hardly a sector today where laser systems are not successfully proving their value and offering a variety of benefits in industrial production.

LaserStar offers innovative technology and advanced resources to manufacturers of machine tool components that process large or small quantities. With a variety of laser system configurations available, we offer extensive applications knowledge and market expertise. No matter what the industry, we have what you need to reduce cycle times, produce precision parts and achieve increased productivity while lowering your cost per unit.

With years of market experience, LaserStar has the ability to understand our customers’ requirements and to provide easy-to-use laser system solutions. Once the system concept is in place, the machine is designed for the best performance and reliability. When a laser system has specific application requirements, we will help choose an appropriate laser source and system most suited to satisfy your needs.

Our laser systems are specially selected with the appropriate laser source and are versatile, robust, easy to use and built to our customer’s specifications.

“The laser welding system has been great for getting down into deep ribs, on engraving, parting line edges, or on thin or very small pieces where the excess heat of a Micro-GTA weld would have been too great.

On highly polished lens molds, polishers rave about the laser welding system because it reduces the amount of handwork required and sink lines are almost non-existent. ”

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