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Laser Systems for Firearms

Lasers in the Firearms Industry

LaserStar is now serving the Firearms Industry, Weapon and Defense Industries with our extensive line of laser systems for welding and engraving. Laser welding systems can be used to weld broken gun parts, repair porosity and pitting in gun body manufacturing as well as in the repair of many other firearm parts and components.

Laser engraving systems can be used for serialization and customization of firearms, which has become a big business in both the manufacturing and retail markets. Especially with the stringent government rules on gun serialization. ATF regulations have lead the firearms industry to seek new solutions for marking and identification of weapons, and laser technology has proved to be a great solution.

Learn more about LaserStar laser systems and how they can help with your firearms business.

"Just six months after purchasing our manual laser welder, it accounts for approximately 30% of sales. Crossover from microscope GTA welding was easy and fast. Just two days after receiving our LaserStar Laser Welding Workstation it was operational and we had repaired our first mold. I’m confident of a very quick pay-back.”

Pete Mourouzis
Wicked Welding, Inc.
Dayton, OH

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